Benefits of laser engraving

As you know, the features of solid-state laser engraving are high speed and accuracy of images. As well as the strength and durability of the application. Laser engraving is also used in cases where other methods of application are difficult or impossible.

Due to what are obtained so durable images that can serve for many years without losing their pristine appearance? By the way, read to learn more about applications of a laser engraver.

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Let’s look at different examples of materials

The focused flow of electrons, which is what a laser beam is, has its adjustments. Changing the wavelength and power of radiation we get different characteristics of the applied image. Experts of our company will choose necessary parameters for each order. For each type of application of each type of surface there are personal settings. The laser beam can engrave:
plastic (certain types)
Wood (solid wood, plywood, veneer)
Laser engraving on metal
One of the most popular materials for this kind of application. It is suitable for metal surfaces of different souvenirs and business gifts – metal mugs, thermoses, flasks, key chains, lighters, tableware, auto pens and many other things.

In the process of applying there is a change in the surface layer of the metal at the molecular level. This is a special feature of laser engraving on metal. Images printed this way will serve for many years. Everyday intensive use will age the thing itself, but will not erase the laser engraved image.
Laser engraving of aluminum

> Aluminum is a softer metal than steel and has different properties. But it’s also excellent for applying images by laser engraving.

And, with the fine-tuning of equipment, you can get different colors and properties of the application. Lighter, darker, the cast of halftones.

For example, with a weak flux you get a slightly noticeable light-colored image. And from the same sketch with an increase in the power of the flow you get darker images.